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Researcher and assistant professor at at Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science (VU IIRPS)

Post doctoral research “Supervising Artistic Autonomy: Arts and The Cultural Policy in Lithuania” at Vilnius University, Institute of International Relations and Political Science (VU IIRPS), 2022 - 2024, funded by Research Cauncl of Lithuania.

Also associate professor and senior research fellow at the Faculty of Creative Industries of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), since 2021. 
Also associate professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts, since 2016.


2023 University of Boras, Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

2023 University College London (UCL), Postsocialist Art Centre, Institute of Advanced Studies.

2023 Kingston University London, School of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences.


2015 – 2022     Doctor of Arts, Visual Arts, Fine Arts (V 002), Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT. Art project: “Sociopsychological Mechanisms of Repression - The Fight for the Value Center, or – In the Maze of Hungry Shadows”              

Art project supervisor: prof. D. Narkevičius, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Fine Arts V002 

Thesis supervisor: prof. dr. Agnė Narušytė, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Humanities, Art History and Theory, H 003              

Consultant: prof. dr. Nerijus Milerius, Vilnius University, Humanities, Philosophy H 001


2006 – 2013     Vilnius Academy of Arts,        

Painting MA, LT (2007 – 2013)        

Painting BA, LT (2006 – 2007)


2005 – 2006     Savickas Art School, Vilnius, LT


1997 – 2001     The Open University Business School, MBA, UK       



Creativity, Innovation and Change Management;        

Financial Strategy;        

Strategic Human Resource Management.



2021   Moralities of everyday life, Yale University, Coursera. 

2020   Justice, Harvard University, Edx.

2020   Social Norms & Social Change I&II, University of Pennsylvania & UNICEF, Coursera.

2020   Moral Foundations of Politics, Yale University, Coursera.



2023     "The Inconsistencies of Liberal Democracy and the Breach of the Promise of Good Governance. The Case of Art Censorship in the Wars of Historical Memory, Vilnius", Vytautas Magnus University conference "Evaluation of Public Policies and Services: The Role of Citizens and NGOs", Kaunas.

2023     "Autonometrics Of Corridor Centrifuges", international art research symposium "Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish", hosted by SODAS2123 Cultural Centre, Vilnius.

2023     “Vision of the Symbiosis between Autonomous Society and Autonomous Art: what must be sacrificed?” International Scientific Conference “Visuality 2023: Media and Communication in the Age of (Dis)Information”, VGTU, Vilnius.

2022     “Let’s not forget not to remember anymore”, Estonian Academy of Arts conference “Who are the authors of public space?” (Defining Public in the Space), Tallinn.

2021     “Who is Interested to Know Where the Artist Lives?”, oral presentation, Institute of Art History, scientific conference How to Tell about Art? Art History, Criticism, Texts and Stories in Lithuania, Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA).

2017     “History of Illness: Gaps in Negative Matter. Why to desire? And how to pass through them”, poster presentation, 14th Conference of Young Scientist Psychologists (JMPK) Psychology in the Context of Other Sciences, nomination for the most interesting presentation.

2018     “Then (Before the Parcels) there was Nothing”, conference presentation at the exhibition of doctoral students “Science and Life”, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”.

2016     “Sociopsychological Mechanisms of Repression and Strategies for Sustainability of Meaning”, public presentation of Doctoral Research, readings by doctoral students of Art, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”.



2023     “Supervising Artistic Autonomy. Art And Cultural Policy in Lithuania”, The Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS), University of Boros, Sweeden.

2023     Presentation of postdoctoral research in a public lecture at the National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, Kaunas.

2023     Presentation of film “5 Hours In The Square”, a talk together with dr. Nerijus Milerius, MO Museum, Vilnius.

2023     “WK 2023: EAST NOT LEAST” – a panel discussion on the self-perception of Eastern Europe as it enters the third decade of the 21st century. "WunderKombināts II. Latvian Art Yearbook 2023" at the ISSP”, Riga.

2023     “Social and Legal Trajectories of Implementing Art in Public Spaces”. Research seminar at Kingston University London, Department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology; the Kingston Knowledge Exchange and Research Institute (KERI); Kingston School of Art.

2023     “Memories in Urban Spaces”, “Sirenos” festival, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, 30,September, 2023.

2022     “Focus. Protest and Art – Compatible?” LRT programme “Focus”, 27 May, 2022.

2022     “Art and Gender Equality – Does it just Look Like or Is It?”, panel discussion, at the discussion festival “Būtent!”, “Inspiring Lithuania” space, Vytautas Park, Birštonas, 2 September, 2022, Lithuanian Council for Culture.

2022   “An Aperitif with the Artists“, video art presentations and discussions Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy, 25 – 27 November, 2022.

2022     “Monuments” discussion series on the politics of collective memory games in public spaces, Kaunas Artists' House, Kaunas, 1 November, 2022.

2022     “Conversation about the Culture of Debate, Criticism of Artworks and Institutions” interviews on LRT RADIJAS programme “Culture Week” with Juta Liutkevičiūtė.

2019   “Survey”, public presentation of the research, VAA doctoral students' project Do the right thing, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”.

2019     “Is it necessary to break the window? On the Assumptions, Strategy and Impact of Artistic Activism, Participant in the Public Debate on Artistic Activism and VAA”, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”.

2017     “Desktop”, VAA doctoral students' exhibition-public research presentation, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius.



2023     Grėbliauskaitė, E. (2023). "Alloys of Institutional Windows, or - "Pardon-me not" - a review of institutional critique and Denis Kolomytsky's installation at the National Gallery of Art,, 15 June 2023.

2023     Grėbliauskaitė, E, Gintalaitė, A. (2023). "Testing Democracy Through Art – Public Address", 7 Art Days, No. 17 (1466), 28 April 2023,

2023     “Who Wants to Know Where the Artists Live?”. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, 107: How to Tell About Art? Art History, Criticism, Texts and Narratives in Lithuania, Ed. Lina Michelkevičė, Laura Petrauskaitė, Aušra Trakšelytė. 2022, 265-95.

2023     Dambrauskas, K., Gintalaitė, A., Grėbliauskaitė, E. "The Tests of Democracy Through Art - Even if Only for a Second, Just to Warm Your Hands". Šiaurės Atėnai, 2023 m. January 13 d. Nr. 1 (1401).

2022     “To Be or Not to Be”, Dailė, Journal of the Lithuanian Artists' Union, No. 87, ISSN 0130-6626.

2021     “Purity and Pollution”, 1 act drama, with Agne Gintalaite, 7 meno dienos, no. 36 (1401), 12/11/2021.

2021     “Contemporary Ronin: an artist without an institution”, conversation with the artist Agne Gintalaitė,, 2021, Thursday, June 3rd.

2018     “About the Truth (Sufi Tale)”, Culture, 16/11/2018.

2017     “Medical History: Cracks in Negative Matter. Why do you want to? And how to pass through them”, JMPK. Conference “Psychology in the Context of Other Sciences” publication summaries, Vilnius University Press.

2016     “Deconstruction of the Combine”, discussion on the conditions of meaning creation and perception in the exhibition “I I”. 7 days of art, no. 9 (1161), 02/03/2016.

2015    "Kombinatas", Art project, 7 meno dienos, No. 6 (1112), 13/02/2015.



2023 –     Visiting  Lecturer, University College London (UCL), School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), MSc course Nationalism, Identity, and Power.

2023 –     Visiting  Lecturer, Kingston University London, Department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology, on the undergraduate courses Criminology and Sociology and Social Order and Social Control.

2022 –     present, assistant professor at Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University. Subject: Metamorphosis Of Contemporary Political Communication.

2021 –     present, associate professor at the Faculty of Creative Industries of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH). Subjects: Introduction to Specialty; Research of the City; Innovative  Entertainment Publishing.

2016 –     present, associate professor,  Vilnius Faculty, Vilnius Academy of Arts. Subjects: Creative Marketing; Fashion Marketing; Sustainable Fashion; Institutional Critique – The Art of Revolt, Event Management. Member of MA and BA reviews and defense committees, Member of Commissions. Member of the MA Study Program Committees at the Departments of Painting and Fashion Design.



2023 “5 Hours in the Square”, together with Andrius Seliuta von Rath, film. Pamenkalnio Gallery, MO Museum, Vilnius and National M. K. Ciurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas.

2023 “The Green Should Not Be Seen” City Ghosts”, public space installation, P. Cvirka Square, Vilnius

2023 “Testing Democracy Trhough Art”, public address, together with Agne Gintalaitė, new media artwork on line. 

2021   “Let's Not Forget Not to Remember”, together with Agne Gintalaitė, performance installation, P. Cvirka Square, Vilnius.

2020   “Socio-Psychological Mechanisms of Repression” light installation at the Embassies of Belarus and Russia in Vilnius.

2018   “A Cold Wall Wake Up Hit” installation on Salomeja Neris, Vilnius public spaces.

2018   “METOO” mobile installation March 8th Cathedral Square - Independence Square, Vilnius. 2018 “FACTORY - 2” installation/performance, VAA, Maironio g. 6, Vilnius.

2016   “C30/37-XC3-CI0, 2-D16-S3”, New Good Floor for Titanic, installation of concrete floor on the 1st floor of VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT

2016   “Triumph Arch”, installation, Independence Square, next to the Houses of Parliament, Vilnius, LT. 2016 “I I”, Installation, Project Space “Kabinetas", Kaunas, LT

2015   “KOMBINATAS”, installation in front of Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT.

2014   “Their Tools Were Silver Too”, painting exhibition, POP UP Gallery by “Young Poor Artists”, Vilnius, LT.



2019 “We Have To Be Extremely Careful”, Exhibition Space “Autarkia”, LT.

2019 “Do The Right Thing”, Exposition of Doctorate Artistic Research, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT. 2018 “Science & Life”, Exposition of Doctorate Artistic Research, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT.

2018 “What artist work all day”, “Artist union gallery”, Vilnius, LT.

2017 „WORKTOP <> DESKTOP <> SHOWTOP”, Exposition of Doctorate Artistic Research, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT.

2017 „Attestation”, Vilnius Art Academy Painting Department Exhibition, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT.

2016 “The Swill”, Vilnius Art Fair, Sculpture Collection “Takas”, Vilnius, LT.

2016 „Temporary collection”, Vilnius Culture Night, “Studium P” and “Kabinetas”, Vilnius, LT. 2015 “Black Roses”, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, Vilnius, LT.

2013 “Improvisation - Christmas”, Gallery “BALTART”, Vilnius, LT 2013 “Ecologica/Mente” Magazzini dell'Arte Contemporanea, Trapani, IT.

2013 Paintings and printmaking competition for Edvard Munch's 150th anniversary with selected artists, VDA in collaboration with the Embassy of Norway, Vilnius, LT.

2013 Exhibition in Embassy of Lithuania with Gallery “Rooster”, Moscow, RU. 2013 “Art Moscow’13” 17th International Art Fair with Gallery “Rooster”, RU.

2013 Culture and Art Festival "Culture Night”, Exhibition in the Soviet Bunker, Vilnius, LT.

2013 “Cells of Art 2013”, annual selected works by graduate and postgraduate students of Vilnius Academy of Arts, VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas”, Vilnius, LT.

2012 "The Three-years Later And The One Remaining”, Show Makers Academy, Vilnius, LT. 2012 "VILKAU", Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty, Kaunas, LT.

2010 10th Anniversary Exhibition by Augustinas Savickas and Savickas Art School, 2nd place, Vilnius, LT. 2008 "Selfportraits”, Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT.

2007 Summer Plain-air, Savickas Art Gallery, Palanga, LT.





2014 - present, Producer, Director and Artistic Director of E: E event engineering, organization of fashion and advertising events.    

2021 "Stich" - Vilnius Academy of Arts Department of Costume Design Graduate Collections Show, Menų spaustuvė, Vilnius.    

2017 Baltic Wedding Fashion Show, Litexpo, Vilnius.    

2017 Viktorija Jakučinskaitė Show, Villonas Hotel, Vilnius.

2016 Laura Daili Show, Neris Embankment, Vilnius.    

2016 Street Fashion Show, Shopping Night Out, K. Sirvydas Square, Vilnius.

2015 Egidijus Rainys and Lilija  Larionova Show, Theater Arena, Vilnius.    

2015 Diana Vapsvė Show, Theater Arena, Vilnius.



2006 - 2008     General Manager and founder, JSC Opportunity Development Institute.       Consulting on design and management processes in the market opportunities (production, trade and marketing).

1998 - 2006     Head of Business Development, Marketing and Sales Processes at Holding company MG Baltic Trade - SC Stumbras, JSC Mineraliniai Vandenys, JSC Tromina, JSC Baltic Sales & Marketing Service and JSC Tetraneta.

Selected projects:      

Marketing and Sales process expert in Holding Supply Chain Management project.      

Project manager for optimization and coordination of internal processes, procedures, performance indicators, control and change.      

Management of the marketing process of the Holding companies, performance indicators, design of the  activities of the marketing and sales departments, control and compensation systems; 

Marketing process expert in the development and implementation team of ERP IT system (Navision Axapta). Inventory and Price Modules System Installation and Operation Guide.      

Marketing Director at JSC Trojina, Business Development Manager at JSC Mineraliniai vandenys.      

Project Manager and Chairperson of the Board of UAB Baltic Sales & Marketing Service, a group of companies in the Baltic States.

1997 - 1998     Project Manager, JSC Vilnius Consult, a joint Lithuanian-German company.

1992 - 1997   Model, advertising and fashion projects.



Lithuanian – native

English, Russian – fluent

German, French – basics.